Pastor’s Welcome


“Photo by Michelle A. Bronstrop photography”

Hi and welcome to First Baptist Church of Rising Sun!

This page is to give you a brief bio of me, Jim Jenkins the pastor.

I am not a typical pastor. I did not grow up in a church. I did not go to Church seriously until I met the most beautiful woman in the world. When I asked her out and she said yes, I was stunned. All the while she kept talking about God, Jesus the Bible and I really had no idea what she was saying. I truly believed that because I was a good person; did not drink, did not rob banks, was generally obedient to my parents that was good enough to “get me in”. On one date, she had the nerve to tell me that I would spend eternity separated from God because of my sin. For the first time I was confronted with what I believed about God, Jesus, the Bible and sin.

I went to Church the next Sunday, and gave my heart to Christ May 1988. Not too long after that I had a sense that God wanted me to do something but I was not sure what it was. Eventually with the help of a wonderful pastor, I realized God wanted me to be a pastor. I gave up my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer and we headed off to Clear Creek Baptist Bible College and I have been preaching and teaching ever since.

I have pastored in the inner-city of Covington, KY; in a rural area of Pendleton Co., KY; I served on staff at Big Bone Baptist Church; and Since March 2007 I have had the privilege to be the pastor of First Baptist Church of Rising Sun IN.

The family:

I married Tricia the evangelist on August 5th 1989. She is a graduate of the University of KY, & Thomas More. We have three children: Aaron who is a student at Indiana University (you may insert your own joke about a UK fan’s son going to IU here), Taylor a student at Ohio County Elementary Middle School and our youngest daughter Kate (adopted from China) who is also a student at OCEMS.


I enjoy woodworking, hunting & fishing.

Current Bible Study: Experiencing God (Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby & Claude King)

Current Reading list: The Bible, The King James Only Controversy (James R White), Hermeneutics ( Henry A Virkler & Karelynne Gerber Ayayo), Spiritual Leaders (J. Oswald Sanders), The Leadership Challenge (James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner), Making Peace (Jim Van Yperen), Leading Change (John P. Kotter).

Things you may not know:

I was bitten by a bat at Church! I was not born in the Grand Commonwealth of KY, but in New Jersey.

Rising Sun, Indiana